Music Review: Monster Rally’s “Return To Paradise”


If you are unfamiliar with Monster Rally or Ted Feighan, then you are in for a lush, tropical, and vibrant, suprise. Monster Rally’s most recent album “Return to Paradise”, released October 29th, is a return to Monster Rally’s relaxing and soothing songs.

“Orchids” the first single, is a quick hook into the album. The easy, laid back beat, feels like a theme to Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”,  or exploring an overgrown temple in the humid tropical forest of S.E. Asia.

The amazing thing about this music is that it is heavily based off of music our grandparents would have listened to, but it still very much appeals to us. It is probably that appeal that makes “Return To Paradise” such a great album. Its a sentiment from another time, where music was just as important as a relaxation tool as it was entertainment. It allows you to imagine a bygone era with a modern twist.

A hidden Gem on the album: “Dusty”

So take a break and treat yourself to “Return To Paradise”. We suggest pairing it with A tropical, fruity, drink and a relaxing evening at home.

Follow the links to Monster Rally’s Bandcamp and download “Return To Paradise” for free, or pick up the LP from Gold Robot Records.

Again, we repeat, 17 new Monster Rally tracks for free!




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