Music Reviews: Los Campesinos! “No Blues”

Los Campesinos! have a long, dark, and melancholy history, its what draws a lot of fans. I have dozens of records of bands with bright poppy albums that they followed up with dark and moody albums try to prove how deep they can be couughvampireweekendcough, but I never expected Los Campesinos! pulling off the opposite. Not that their new album “No Blues” isn’t dark, you cant have songs titled “Cemetery Gates” and “What Death Leaves Behind” (both excellent songs), without a little darkness. But this isn’t the indie-hipster wannabe deep darkness. This is the work of clearly tortured souls, standard Los Campseinos! fare to be sure, but put on the album, front to back, and see how you feel listening to it. Los Campesinos! has turned a corner of some sort. The optimistic tone permeates the album, especially on tracks like the single “Avocado Baby”, which is an anthem for any of us that have ever wanted to punch life in the face.

Its a great album.

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