Album review: The Poncé Brothers “American Novella”


I can’t say enough about this album. I have been friends with Carson Poncé for years, and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, until you meet his twin Michael. Together they have turned out possibly my favorite album of the fall, American Novella.  The album displays the years of work and the natural talents they have honed.

American Novella has some of the finest examples of Americana Rock n’ Roll that can be found today.

Backseat Romeo & Memphis Mornings, Nashville Nights , really set the record in motion. The musical talents are almost underplayed, with the impressive song structure and lyrics getting stuck in your head. Boston,  which has been kicking around their sets for years, is reminiscent of vintage Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. You can hear other influences in the song but its not what you notice first about the song. You are too busy getting caught up in the vivid imagery and the fiery momentum. Things We Lost in the Fire could have come off a Alt-Rock  album of the 90’s. It has all the makings of a 90’s Alt-Rock hit, played between Wallflowers’One Headlight” and Counting Crows’ “Rain King”, it will throw you back to 1996. You can really hear, throughout the entire album, the subtle influences of the music they grew up listening too, as well as the influences of their current home, Nashville. The album isn’t just a conglomerate of influences and training, it seems to be a genuine and contemplative snapshot of their lives, taken with a true and artistic approach. Those things makes it shine amongst the rubble of thousands of bulky and tacky, wannabe rock bands of the genre.

The album would fly on its own, but the Crowning Jewel, Strangers, featuring Logan Brill, makes American Novella an album that you will listen too for decades. It’s easy to forget that in the not so distant past, musicians actually tried making beautiful songs. Strangers has an honesty of a Fleetwood Mac song, the skill and sensibility of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers or The Band, and the pure, lovely sweetness of Emmylou Harris. I have always liked and admired Carson and Michael as friends and musicians, but Strangers, somehow changes that. Honestly, I’m not sure that I ever respected their music until now, the honesty and skill of American Novella demands it though, and I gladly acknowledge the album is, in a word, amazing. Give The Poncé Brothers and their album American Novella, a chance to win your heart. You will not be disappointed.

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