Lizzie Weber Debut Album- Review

lizziewebSt. Louis based, singer-songwriter, Lizzie Weber is set to release her self-titled, debut album on January 10th, 2014. The Green Hearts were lucky enough to get a sneak peek, and had the chance to write up a review.

Lizzie will not be releasing a sloppy, hap-hazard album. The Music is beautiful, haunting, and expertly performed. Her songwriting shows skill and gives her a real diamond in the rough feel.

One of our favorite songs was “Catastrophe”, a warm and melancholy ballad. The music has a great folky jazz sound and the lyrics may be the best on the album. Lizzie’s clear yet smoky voice lends a delightful warmth that pulls all of the elements of the song together.

“Sorry Days” is again, expertly performed in everyway with wonderful songwriting again on display and make her standout from a thousand other faces and voices. We are suckers for great mandolin playing as well.

“Lighthouse” has the beauty and precision, coupled with a beautiful voice, that is reminiscent of Vanessa Carlton or Michelle Branch. Though her music isn’t pop, you can not easily forget it. She has her head on straight, and her sensibility keeps her songs on track, a skill usually absent from a freshman effort.

When listening to the album don’t take in any preconceptions though. The Folksy-Jazz, that Lizzie Weber delivers in such an expert and passionate fashion is what will make her stand out in a sea of talented, young, female singer-songwriters. The album is fresh and relaxing, and you don’t have to deal with the ego or pretentiousness of a more experienced artist.

“Trail Ridge Road” wraps up our review of her album in perfect fashion. When you download the album, savor that song. A slow-burner to the bittersweet end, it urges you to listen to the entire album on repeat. Keep an eager eye and ear out for the album, which drops January 10th, and support an amazingly talented young artist who we hope, will continue to release quality music.

Download her single “California” for free on Bandcamp

Keep up the good work Lizzie!

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