Khushi – He’ll steal your soul. Seriously.

KhushPhoto from  K H U S H I Facebook

I stumbled upon KHUSHI last week and I have listened to his Single, “Magpie” everyday since.  His single “Magpie”, a fiery, slow-burner, is hauntingly jubilant, but not to be outdone by “Never Never” the B-side on the 7″, which is equally excellent. He has a  woodsy, folk feel to his music which pairs nicely with his fresh wood smoke voice. His guitar playing is spot on and delicate. They obviously put a lot of hard work into the music and it shows. You can’t get much better than this for great, high quality music.

His cover of MØ’s “Pilgrim” will blow you away as well, check out the video below and then go pick up his 7″ at Laissez Faire Club

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