TGHBlog Top 3 Things to look for in 2014 – Glowbug, The Ponce Bro’s, and Lizzie Weber

The Green Hearts wish you a happy new year, but instead of looking back, we are looking forward to 2014. Here are Three things that have us excited. These are 3 Hard working artist who put a lot of time and money into their craft, so please support them by buying their music (most of its free), following them on twitter or facebook, or by sharing their music with your friends. I know the Artist thank you as do we here at TGH.


Glowbug is preparing to release a new album or 2! The L.A.-based Master of Chillwave has his fan base rabid for new material. Check out our first Interview with Daniel Anderson here for more details!


We recently reviewed Lizzie Weber’s freshman release, which she is releasing January 10th. A promising voice, we are sure to hear more from her in 2014. Go Check out our review here and get excited for her album!


Last but not least our Favorite release of 2013, American Novella by the Nashville based duo, The Ponce Brothers. The album blew us away and we are hoping to see them Live this year as they tour in support of it! Check out the review here and make sure to pick up a copy of their album and keep an eye on their tour dates and SEE them.


Happy New Year to you all!

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