Album review “Wishing Well” – Sophia Danai

In all of our dreams, Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone lived to ripe old ages and released more music than we could ever imbibe, but since that is out of the question we have to rely on , who we can only assume, is their child in spirit. Sophia Danai has a unique flavor that remind us of the above mentioned artists. The music is varied with time-tested styles, but intermixed with edgy material as well. Her voice is very much like Billie Holiday’s and a female Jeff Buckley, which means that it is unbearably sexy. This is especially noticeable on “Higher Baby”. The chorus especially reminds me of Buckley’s haunting “New Years Prayer”. The first single off of her album “Wishing Well”, “The End feat. Talib Kweli” is an amazing mix of genres, leaving no doubt in your mind that she is indeed a visionary. The track reminds me of tricky’s “evolution revolution love ft. Ed kowalczyk”. One of my favs from the late late 90’s.


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