INTERVIEW/ Family Vacation

I’m so excited about sharing this interview I recently did with Family vacation. They are a great new band with lots of promise, check out their first full-length, “Trails”

What are some of your shared influences?

shared influences are tricky, but I feel like general we all bond over straight forward indie rock bands- wilco, modest mouse, radiohead, shins, dr dog… stuff like that is usually the middle ground. Other than that, we’ll each definitely have our own styles we’re partial to.. That’s probably why you’ll hear a lot of different sounds going on in Trails. We like that though. I think we’d rather find a unique combination of sounds rather than make music that sounds like what you’ve heard already… What’d be the fun in that?

The guitar work on Trails is amazing, what guitar players influenced you guys/ what gear are you guys using?

-Doug Martsch of Built to Spill is probably the biggest guitarist influence on me – he’s simply a beautiful man. (Luke)
– Khaki King is definitely one of my favorite guitarists…She is incredible at creating spaces in her music. I’m also a huge fan of Mark Smith from Explosions in the Sky (Matthew)
-I play a Sheraton II with a Fender Deville Amp (Matthew)
-The guitar I play is basically a custom built telecaster clone I found listed on craigslist from this guy who had just started building electric guitars as a hobby. He did a great job. (Luke)

Trails is an incredibly well written/produced/performed album for a freshman release. What made it come together so well?

you could say that since we’re all college students we’re becoming experts at working really hard really fast when we want to. That’s kind of how we attacked Trails. We took some time to record while still in school, then took a few days over the summer to wrap it up. We were really lucky to work with awesome people on it. Everyone we worked with was our age, and was also still in school. Jake Held, Matt Olenik, and Sam Pita at Drexel, and Justin Nazario at Temple were superstars all over the recording process. It wasn’t technically a school project, but I guess it kinda had like a school group project feel at times, with us all being students, finding time between class to meet, etc. We wanted to get an A.

Dew, one of my favorite tracks of the year, has an alternate ending on Trails. What made you decide to make the change from the EP version?

We recorded the ep ourselves and did our best with the gear and knowledge we had……As a result it came out very lo-fi, which we dug. For Trails we wanted our more intelligent audio engineer friends to record it with better equipment. Dew actually didn’t change in its content, but sort’ve changed its style through the new recording process.

And of course I have to ask, when is the next Family vacation release?

We’re sort of easing our way back into writing new music again, so not sure about when the next release could be. Could be soon! Who knows. We did already start trying out new stuff at our recent shows, and we think it’s been going well so far, so definitely come out to a show if you want to hear anything new!

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