VOWS / The Danger O’s – consider your face smashed

You like Fuzz? You like Elvis Costello? You like Alt/Psych/Pop?

Then go pick up The Danger O’s “Orange” EP FOR FREE!

On Bandcamp they can be found under the tag “Awesome”, though not very modest, very true! Worth the $0!

The Danger O’s :https://www.facebook.com/thedangerosmakemusic

VOWS, indulge us with trippy, yet hook ridden shoegaze. I love both tracks off of the Ep, “Ride This Out” being my favorite of the two, maybe only because of the drumming and the doors-esque vocals. Though its a neck and neck race.

Go pick up the EP FOR FREE you dirt hippies!

VOWS FB:https://www.facebook.com/Vowsmusic
VOWS Twitter:https://twitter.com/VowsMusic

Tree Machine Records: https://twitter.com/TreeMachinez

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