Odd Owl ” The Call” – Review

Odd Owl is set to release this lovely 5-trak album in less than 12 hours. Its a great album and worth the incredibly modest price tag. My only problem with this album is that it is not long enough. I need more.

“The Call” Starts off with a blast, “New Americans”, which I have already reviewed, is a true gem. With liquid gold vocals, sweet lyrics, sprinkled with African guitar, it takes you on a quick little journey.

“Way to go Apollo” doesn’t just sit back and let “New Americans” hold your attention. It is perhaps the most hook-laden track on the record. “The Way Home” and “Radioheart” are both subtle tracks, loaded with brilliant lyrics and little nooks and crannies of absolute brilliance. The horn section on “Radioheart” is one of those parts.

“Some People Are Spaceships” Ties “The Call” up with a smooth and vibrant finish, taking us “off to distant places”.

please take your time to support these excellent artist by liking them on FB, or following on twitter, but most importantly buying and sharing their music with your friends.

Odd Owl Twitter:https://twitter.com/odd_owl
Odd Owl Web: http://www.oddowlmusic.com/

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