Interview – Clara Stegall of Stegall

Well, first off, love the EP, obviously, and also you have one hell of a voice. What vocalist have inspired you?

Clara Stegall
Well thanks a ton! That’s really nice of you to say. I would say I have had a lot of vocal influences growing up, there hasn’t just been one. Bill Withers, Joni Mitchell, Joss Stone, Aretha Franklin, just to name a few. However, my ultimate favourite vocalist is a woman named Trixie Whitely. She isn’t too well known in North America, but her vocals had really inspired me to sing in the first place.

I’ll have to check her out! How long have you been singing?

Clara Stegall
Well growing up I played piano and drums, but I didn’t start singing until about a year and half ago.

(sound of jaw dropping)
well, impressive! Were the artist you named what you were exposed to growing up? What do your parents listen too?


Clara Stegall
haha although my mom is a vocalist herself, so many would say I picked it up from her.

All those artists I named (except Trixie) were definitely artists that my parents listened to. They have certainly had a huge impact on all of our music tastes. My mom was always a little more into the folk stuff like Joni, while my dad was a lot more into the funk and soul artists such as Bill Withers, James Brown, and Herbie Hancock.

That’s great, did you always love those artist or was it something you picked up later?

Clara Stegall
I would have to say I didn’t actually appreciate those artists until later in life. Tt’s only been the last couple of years where I have really realized how much I appreciate those artists. I would say that it was impacting my sound all together without me really realizing it till recently.

I feel like that happens to a lot of young artist, a lot of bands I talk to name bands that are only older than them by a year or two, and I cant imagine that limited of an exposure really leading to a mature sound, but with Stegall you can really hear maturity.
To shift gears a little, you have a lot on the burner besides Stegall.

Clara Stegall
Yeah haha. We love the older music, however we really do appreciate newer music too. Mutemath is actually one of my favourite modern bands of all time. I, personally, am very inspired by their creative aspect but also their live performance. Those guys truly understand what groove is!
As a solo artist, there are some opportunities there but we are just doing this one song at the moment.

Hopefully we get to hear more from you as a solo artist as well!
Are you working on music full time?

Clara Stegall
Oh certainly! My solo stuff tends to be a bit more “me”, as it should be. When it comes to music, I just love to take control of all aspects, so having my solo career has allowed me to do that. However, Stegall has worked out very well for that as well. As much as sisters are supposed to fight, this whole band thing has really helped us realize what we have in common as well. They are basically me, just older.
Yeah I sure am! I graduated high school last year, and deferred my acceptance to Berklee School Of Music for a year. Money was definitely part of that decision, but I also just wanted to go into that school with more experience and hit it hard. Currently I’m living in San Francisco, street performing and playing gigs. It’s been a great year for that, but also my songwriting.

So you are now rolling in money, right?

Clara Stegall
hahah well I’m trying my best. As I’m sure many know, trying to make it as a musician is extremely tough (money wise).
I mean technically I’m still living “at home” so I definitely have the support from my parents to help me get where I want to be. They rock!

Loving Trixie Whitley btw!

Clara Stegall
She’s great eh?

“Breathe you in my dreams” is so beautiful, I just keep listening to it.
And speaking of Dreams, “Dare to Dream” has got “it” whatever that is. Been listening to it all week as a supplement to “IV”

Clara Stegall
And wow thank you very much! That was the first tune I ever wrote.

Well . . . good luck! I’m sure you have a bright future ahead of you. Final question.
Is the sister dynamic have any supernatural properties? lol. My friend Carson Ponce and his twin brother make some of the best music I’ve ever heard, and I was always a fan of Meg and Dia. The family who rocks together stays together and so on?

Clara Stegall
Well we sure do always know what each other are thinking. Being blood-related does say something about our influences, our work ethic, and knowing who we are. For most bands, it takes awhile for them to understand their identity, which is extremely important for a band to function successfully in the first place. For us, we never had to go through that. It was already there.

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