Featured Song – “Country Lights” – Soft Shadows

A wonderful, magical song to go driving in the falling leaves. Go do it.


2 responses to “Featured Song – “Country Lights” – Soft Shadows

  1. O.K., I see I misunderstood your site when I was here the last time, thinking you were the performing artist. Doesn’t make that much difference though, since I love music, and I find that people like yourself who dedicate their Blogs to music, usually have pretty good taste, which is really what its all about. So this particular song is not exactly my style, but that also changes very little, since that is how I’ve discovered virtually all the music I listen to, by trying out the stuff I don’t regularly have playing. So I’m off to listen to some more of your offerings, and we’ll see what we find. Thanks for all you do, I know the effort keeping a Blog up and running requires (whatever the focus may be).

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