Featured EP – “Greenhouse” – Gospels

A sound I can only describe as City Pop, Gospels’ most recent release, “Greenhouse”, sounds interestingly like Men at Work jamming with Third Eye Blind. Whatever they sound like, its fantastic. hit play and read on below.

The Ep starts off with “Sleepwalkers” which is vey 80’s new wave. It has an interesting structure, yet still delivers a hooky chorus.

“Chord I” sparkles at every turn. Its been scrubbed clean, even in the corners. Very fun.

“Call it Evil” starts off with erie horn, sounding very curiously like the intro to Counting Crows’ “Palisades Park”. Gospels have a great ability to build up the momentum and shut it off, with out really killing it. The track has to be my favorite off the EP.

“Quarters” seems to be a mood killer right off the bat, but by the time you get halfway through the song, you’ve completely forgot that initial reaction. Structurally, “Quarters” is a superior song to the rest.

Very cool stuff. Check it out.

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