Featured Video – Mid-Season Replacement – Taxes

A gorgeous video for a gorgeous song, Mid-Season Replacement, by Taxes. We had a chance to talk with Robby Cronholm, the man behind Taxes, about Mid-Season Replacement back in October. We had this little exchange.

TGH: I didn’t realize how much I missed hearing guitars until I heard “Mid-Season Replacement”. The song is masterfully written and layered. How are you able to strike such a balance between delivery of your lyrics and the musical framework? The bridge is awesome by the way.

Mr. Cronholm: We set out to make a more synth forward record, but we couldn’t help it, I suppose. You can’t keep a good guitar tone down. Mid-Season was the first song we wrote for this record. The lyric simply showed up and the “start and end” theme really seemed to be in line with what I wanted this record to say

Check out the video and go pick up the album if you haven’t yet, It was one of the best released by Breakup Records in ’14. Their next show is January 14th in San Francisco, CA at the Brick & Mortar.

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