Album Review – In Quicksand – Ancient Lasers

We have heard a lot of great music from Ancient Lasers, and In Quicksand is no different. It is a bit of a departure from what you may expect from Finfer and crew but we guarantee that you will love it.

AL has created a comprehensive, dominating, and original album their second time around. Some tracks you will know, or at least you think you do for about 5 seconds. The album is a masterful and brave example on why artist, especially independent, unsigned artist, should step out onto the high-wire and try new things. Listen to this album over and over, like I did, and realize it might just be the most innovative album I’ve heard in years.

The lead single, Everybody is Disappearing, has meta-morphed in front of me from an elegant caterpillar into a neon, iridescent, gem, of a butterfly. My wife asked me to stop playing it because once she hears it, she can’t be rid of it for days. Clearly the lead single and the leader of the pack, it finds many challengers in both catchy-ass hooks, as well as just plain listenability.

Make It Work, was my favorite off of the EP, and it in a new and fresh mix is a sparkling gem. Daniel Anderson’s backing vocals, and more space in the outro solidify its place as one of my top five AL tracks.

The Line Drawn Through Me is still razor sharp, followed by Room Service which started off slow for me but has quickly become a favorite and maybe one of the most original tracks on the album, not to be outdone by In Quicksand, but we’ll get to that in a second. Just writing that makes me realize how enjoyable an adventure Ancient Lasers takes me on every song, on every album. Fucking awesome right? I had vivid dreams about this song, that’s how damn catchy it is.

In Quicksand sounds like Daniel is a fucking mad scientist holed-up in an 80’s Laboratory with shelves of hooks and sounds in jars. The poison he delivers really does it get stronger with each track.

Holy Roman Empire delivers a B-side hit. Solid beats layered with stunning melodies and lyrical hooks. Not to be over-looked.

A Fire In Memory, IS the track that made this album for me. It makes all the others look subtle, it launches an attack with beautiful, bittersweet lyrics and a simple, yet hook filled chorus and the best false ending/outro I’ve ever heard. The vocals are the best on the album. Period. As the songs winds down you realize that you HAVE to play it again. It leaves you wanting to burst into song/scream with the chorus and listening to it all evening.

This album has set a very high bar for AL in my mind and I look forward to hearing them clear that bar with ease. Hopefully soon.

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