Featured Track – “The Alley” – E^ST


E^ST. Lets call it like it is. Amazing voice. Amazing music. Amazingly un-googlable (< yikes) name. I stumbled across her cover of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” and was immediately hooked. There are quite a few covers of that song out there but with a few notable exceptions (see Lives’ (another fucking un-googlable name) I Alone/Bittersweet Symphony medley), most fall flat. E^ST comes at the track from an entirely other angle, exposing the beautiful bones Richard Ashcroft and co’ had laid out. I know what you are thinking, “wait, this is suppose to be a review of “The Alley”” well it is, but I needed to talk to someone about how badass that cover was. Also don’t try watching it unless you are in Australia because its not available. Why? beats me. I really wish she would upload it to her soundcloud, wink wink.

Anyways, The Alley is a stunning track. Brilliant. Her voice is just awesome. I’ve mentioned that right?  Check it out below.


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