Album Review – Of Chesapeake – Isle of Eight


Lexington KY’s Isle of Eight have an exuberant sound. Though I wasn’t immediately impressed when I hit play on Of Chesapeake. They were just another in a long line of Indie Rock, Alternative, Hipster-powered bands that are dime a dozen these day. Their Island Pop sound wasn’t impressive or notable. That was until about the 2:15 mark in their opening track “Gone With Colorado”. The song expanded from an Indie Rock track to a ballad, showing depth and skill that most in the genre lack.

The third on the album, “(Is It) Killing You” again showed a well organized song that showed a depth to their songwriting and proved that, while not every song on the album is a smash hit or sing along, every song had its own flavor and attention paid to its creation.

“Vintage Drug” peacefully slowed the momentum down, providing a well timed and crafted break in the album.

“Low Dive” again the Indie Rock fake out, laying on 2 minutes of a more common sound before erupting into an alt-rock, sing along.

But for me, what made me actually want to sit down and write the review were two of the last three tracks. “Tenet” exhibited great guitar playing and the best-balanced track on the album. Enjoyable and fun, the track, in my opinion, was too far buried but it and “Imaginary Wars” proved that good things come to those who wait. My favorite off of Of Chesapeake, “Imaginary Wars” was spit in the eye of a bad day. Right when you think the track is ending and you get sad, it revives with sick keyboard and increased power to take you to the end.

Go buy this album, and with any luck they will do a vinyl pressing of it.



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