Featured Track – Vindication – Mocklove


One of our favs here at TGHs, Madelyniris, aka Madelyn Munsell, has made some music with some dudes. They don’t hold her back at all, and we are supper excited to share their first single Vindication, which is excellent. It bridges a great divide between emo/alternative/punk/rock , and really shows that great thought and talent went into it.

Ms. Munsell’s vocals are fucking razor sharp, so handle with care. She really has a great Pat Benatar-esque quality to her voice that, maybe because I grew up with PB, really drives home the desperation and pain of the lyric.

The lyric itself is simple yet enthralling, the drowning metaphors linked with the presence of two of America’s largest rivers in Mocklove’s home turf, is positively chilling.

We are hoping to her more from them soon!


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