The Tracks Keeping Us Company Right Now

There are those moments in your life that leave you confused and torn, jubilant and terribly sad, sometimes you’re just tired, and then, out of no where, a song comes to the rescue. Here is a collection of tracks that have had our back the last few months away from you guys. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Disclaimer:  This list is unabashedly Pop

The 1975 – The Sound

I thought the 80’s revival was over, but luckily for myself, The 1975 haven’t gotten the memo. Their second album has been a real favorite of mine this winter with The Sound and She’s American leading the charge.

Magic Man – Paris

I only pulled one off of  their sophomore release, Before The Waves. Magic Man hooked me with their now extinct/scrubbed debut release that was a true gem, and it did take me awhile to hop on board this pop-centric release. Other notables that very nearly made this list off of this album were Texas, Catherine, and Every Day. Check them out.

Jason Isbell – The Life You Choose

I’ve been a huge DBT fan for the last decade, but only recently hoped on the Isbell bandwagon. The song choice speaks for itself.

Petite Meller – Lil’ Love (ft. PNAU)

Every time that I stop taking Petite Meller seriously, she reels me back in. Lil’ Love, starts off with her signature bubblegum-pop, but leaves it behind with the most emotional and vocally impressive track for her to date.

Generationals – You Got Me (Pillar Point Remix)

Damn, just . . . damn. An older gem that Polyvinyl needs to release.

Glowbug – Death of the Party

Because, sometimes, you’ve got to just burn it the fuck down.

We would love to hear your version of this list, share in the comments below, or on our Facebook page! Happy listening!



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