EP Review – Strange Calls – Vandella

We’ve been on a bit of a 70’s rock kick around here, and luckily for us, it seems to be enjoying a vibrant resurgence, as displayed by the exceedingly talented Vandella.

Based out of San Francisco, you might not expect such a gritty south-west vibe, but on closer inspection, their EP Strange Calls blurs the lines of the genre. Deftly mixing rock, blues, soul, and a modern sensibility to give us an exceedingly rich listening experience.

The track that stood out to us, The Love You Want, drives with warm, rich guitar tones where you would expect anemic telecaster twang. Tight drums and perfectly layered vocals are a great with an amazing organ solo, that reminds me of any track off of Counting Crow’s This Desert Life. The entire track I was waiting on a shredding guitar solo, which is delivered in a loud, satisfying, outro.

In the age of the EP, I feel incredibly cheated when I come across such a great band that  clearly has so much to give. I wholly recommend  digging into their discography, their previous EP Shine You Up is great as well. Looking forward to hearing more from Vandella.

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