Review – Spectorize EP – Glowbug & Russian Red


When I sit down to listen to new music, I constantly find myself bored. Has music been played out? Are all new ideas just recycled chords and lyrics heaped into another jumbled mess of a song? Pop, Indie, Rock, Country, Folk (especially folk), it doesn’t matter. It’s become a stagnant pool of mediocrity. Ironically, these are the genres I go through first when searching on bandcamp, but a few years ago I stumbled across Glowbug under Electronic.

Never a fan of Electronic music, I am still wary of most, I was surprised when I became immediately hooked on Daniel Anderson’s hypnotic, manic tracks. Suit of Swords and Headhunters are on constant rotation in my day to day life. And like most of Glowbug’s fan base, I was excited when he announced years ago that he was collaborating with Russian Red. We heard from the duo on Headhunters on the track All In. It wetted our appetite for more from them, which we did when they released Ultimate Stranger last October, to rave reviews.

So when Glowbug announced the Spectorize EP was due out yesterday, I got excited. Finally going to get my fix. But I got so much more.

Remember that stagnant pool of mediocrity? Neither Glowbug or Russian Red have really ever been in that pool, more like a crocodile lurking under the surface of the water, waiting to ambush the bored listener. The EP shows that this is not a Glowbug Ep and certainly not a Russian Red Ep, but a new species of musical, apex predator.

Extended, coming in at an anemic 2:32, left me wanting an extended version of its hypnotic, fiery, violence.

Shook Hard stepped it down a notch, and gave the listener pleasant, warm, listening while still being completely refreshing.

Oceans is my unabashedly favorite of the three. Featuring scorching vocals from Lourdes and crashing waves of electronic bliss from Daniel, it needs air time. Period. If a music video was to be made, it should just be a video of a burning house.

Masterly mixed by Christopher Newton, the Spectorize EP is a must have for your summer mixtapes. And oh yeah, in true Glowbug fashion, they have graciously offered up the EP for FREE, so support their brilliance and generosity by downloading, maybe paying a little, and sharing it with your friends because I fucking told you to.


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