We’re back . . . sorta

We’ve been MIA for a few weeks or months, and we are back with a list of tracks we’ve been listening to, and hoping to write about. So put on your walking shoes and plug in your ear things and get. down.

  1. Petite Meller – The Flute – Every damn time I listen to a new PM its the same. Not the content, rather my reaction. A.) This is absurd. She’s prancing around Central ASian Steppes playing a flute. B.) Oh, this is catchy! C.) Cheerful Whistling.
  2. Live – I Alone/Bittersweet Symphony/Feel The Quiet River Rage – Rumor’s about town say that Live, after a tumultuous decade, are calling it quits. While I hope it isn’t true, I’ve been sending positive vibes their way by playing the shit out of their music. This video, from a 1999 show in Germany, shows the band at the top of their ferocious and fiery game. I dare you to not get into this video. All hail LIVE.
  3. The Spin Doctors- Pocketful of Kryptonite – Another 90’s gem, it is celebrating 25 years this week. 25 years. Feel old yet?
  4. St. Raymond-Young Blood – just a great summer song, and the whole album isn’t to bad.
  5. Steve Winwood- Higher Love – Because it’s an excellent song.

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