Winter City Nights – A Playlist

cityHopefully you’ve heard a few of these, and hopefully you haven’t heard some of these. Here’s to looking forward.

The 1975 – Ugh!

I’ve been a bit bored with new music here recently, delving deeper into my record collection and that of my uncles and parents but I recently saw The 1975 live, and watching the energized crowd, and the very real passion moving between artist and fan has re-energized me. Here’s to Passion.

Monster Rally – Full Sail

A little tropical vibe for un-tropical times.

Katie Herzig – Free My Mind (RAC Mix)

Another sick RAC mix of a great track.

Clara Stegall – Good Luck With Everything

Fuck  y.e.a.h

Skeletons – Over The Bridge

A great track we’ve featured before. Such a great Jazz track for winter city nights.

Saint Raymond – Young Blood

This is one you should’ve heard in one form another. This is a great version.

Exroyale – Give It Up

bed. – The Rule


GRIZZTAFUR Ft. Phebe Castle – My First White Christmas

I always come back to this one this time of year. I’m avoiding doing annual xmas list (as its a ton of work) but this would have ended up on it yet again. Love this guy.

Shawn Colvin – In The Bleak Mid-Winter

Perhaps the most under rated Singer-songwriter of the last 30 years.

Highasakite – Son of a Bitch

I leave you with this, because, well, you know.



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