Interview – Madelyniris

We got the chance to sit down with Madelyniris about her new Ep “Adventures”, and her currently in production Music Video.

So you have a kickstarter to fund your music video. Can you tell us more about that and why in a sea of fundraisers, we should heed your cry?

This Kickstarter is for my first music video, directed and filmed by Sparked Media Collective. I wanted something high quality that would represent the music on adventures, as well as be visually and conceptually beautiful. Music videos really enhance the music and provide a second medium of entertainment art. The combination of audible art and visual art can, and has, propelled many careers in both of those arts.
The fundraiser for this music video is unique. First of all, Naomi (owner of Sparked) is doing this for suuuuper cheap. Music videos can cost an upwards of $25,000, which I cannot pay for. We are both so creative and can come up with ways to work around excessive costs. I know it will be so beautiful.
In addition, music industry professionals do not look at artists unless they have a quality music video. It’s easier to watch a music video than sit and listen to a track, I guess. And I also gotta throw in girl power because we are two independent women working to make art. SO SUPPORT US (lol)


I’m absolutely in love with “Adventures”, Whats next for you? A full-length hopefully?

I reeeeally want to do a full length. I will have to be a lot more patient though. I always get so eager when I write music. Once I finish it I want to release it. I blame Soundcloud for putting that idea in my head.

Tell us about your songwriting process for “Adventures”.

I had a lot of little blurbs written down with phrases that came to my head over summer 2014. In August, I sat down and started sifting through them and trying to develop something. Those words started out with Let’s Restart, then Adventure. The other three songs (Leave and Never Look Back, Ghost, and Street Signs and White Lies) didn’t exist until November. ghost was written three weeks before the release of the EP and turned out to be one of my favorites.

There is a healthy dose of angst on the Ep, what drives you to write and perform?

Haha, the angst. I’ll contribute the angst to the incoming cold and my love of warmth and light that I miss everytime it turns October. I also listen to a ton of hardcore and emo music. So that kind of crept in lyrically. Haha. A lot of my music comes out of experiences I encounter, and it is my reaction to them. However I like to keep the stories behind them open-ended so people can use them how they feel fit.

Any plans to tour in the future?

I really hope so. I’m working on doing a short college radio tour in my freetime this semester. I am a music student at Mizzou, so I’d stick around the Missouri/Illinois area.

What do you have to say to readers who haven’t heard your music yet?

I hope to make you remember the good times and the bad times through music. I want you to relive things you’d forgotten about, or tried to forget. Honest music can do that, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to create

We hope you take the time to listen to her and maybe even donate a little change?

Madelyniris FB:

Her kickstarter:

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